I was in Las Vegas in the fancy Ceasers Palace mall where I was approached by a man working at a stand selling DSC Dead Sea Mineral products.He did a demonstration and the product actually seemed to make a difference.

He told me that they were having a promo special for a $400 kit that has that included 3 products and proceeded to show me on his iphone what it "supposedly" regularly costs over $1,000. I bought into this scam hook line and sinker.

When I got back home I did ome reserach and found that this is a big fat scamaroo.Please do not be the next sucker to fall for this deal!!!!!!

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Pocatello, Idaho, United States #1252906

Please take action and alert the mall management. I just paid $130 for products that are sold for less than $40 elsewhere. This is an international scam!


San Diego, California, United States #1237570

Sorry to hear about you, being scammed by those...

I was harassed by the same crowd, the same way at the San Diego Westfield Mall - luckily for me, I did NOT buy anything...

Beware of these scammers!


Ditto with me. My fave is still burning this morning. Don't know if it is from product or my embarrassment.

Gainesville, Florida, United States #949669

I too recently found I had been scammed.Suckered me in at Gainesville Oaks Mall for the facial gel peel, lowed the price to $50.00 and I bought it a month ago.

I like the product, but when I went online to Amazon this week and found it for $8.00 I was upset.I bought the entire line from Amazon for little over $50.00, which I was quoted in the hundreds at the mall Kiosk.

Mobile, Alabama, United States #924645

At Riverwalk mall in New Orleans connected to the Hilton.They got me good.

The guy was also Jewish and good looking. I really feel *** I paid that outrageous price.

Live and learn.Scammers are everywhere.


Omg I see me and my sister are not the first to get scammed at the mall over this product.I'm extremely pissed.

The guy kept harrassing us and even grabbed my sister and told us to come test the dead sea scrub. Would not let us leave until 35$ later for just a thing of scrub. I seen online that it is 8$. I will be returning tomorrow and getting something done.

This happened at the bossier city mall in Louisiana.

I can't believe they are allowed to harrass people and scam them in the middle of malls!!!Where is security!?


I bought one for 40 $ you have to barter and I can get it from Amazon cheaper but he ony made $20 from me their over head ,the kiosks are expensive ,usually $6000.00 a month no joke.....so in all reality they are making $ 10 for our conveince.....my opinion

Germantown, Wisconsin, United States #867404

My daughter and I had this at Mayfair mall in Milwaukee but we went to lunch and found them cheap on the internet and bought them on amazon. I like the product but I would not pay the other price

Rancho Cucamonga, California, United States #832651

Oh my!!!!This is so wrong.I was walking at the victoria Gardens today and got stopped to get a demo about this product.He started off with $200 then dropped it to $100 ended at $49.00.

I thought I got a good deal.I looked it up and seen the same product in amazon for $8 something.

I'm pissed!YES at VICTORIA GARDENS don't get fooled.


Like everyone else here, I was approached at a mall, given a demonstration and sold on the facial peel.After I told the guy it looked great but I could not afford it because I just got laid off.

He took pity on me and lowered the price to $45. I felt like I got a good price till I saw it for $8.24 on amazon! Needless to say I am pissed!

This happened yesterday, I an on going back today and returning it. If they won't refund my $, he better give me some free products !!

B E W A R E !!!!!

I can't believe I was ripped off like that even after I told him I lost my job!

It was only $45 but still!

My heart really goes out to you people that got scammed for hundreds or even a thousand dollars!

To the mall owners know that these kiosks are ripping people off?How is this ok???

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